The 5+ W’s of Marketing


WHAT is Marketing?

To properly understand what makes up “The World’s Greatest Marketing Expert” one must first break down the phrase to its primary components and examine each one of these.



WHO Should You Market?

The World’s Greatest Marketing Expert teaches his students about “Who” should Market by asking the class a series of questions.



WHERE Should One Market?

Among the multitude of Questions running through the Entrepreneur’s mind is certainly  “WHERE Should One Market?” and “From Where Should One Market?” The World’s Greatest Marketing Expert teaches his students about “Where” should One Market.



WHEN Should One Market?

The World’s Greatest Marketing Expert explains “When One Should Market” to his students. Ideally Marketing takes place when one has a product to sell and when a customer is ready to purchase said item. With the launch of e-commerce online, the traditional 9-5 brick and morter store hours on Monday – Saturday has gone to 24 hours a day on all 7 days a week.


WHY Should One Market?

When the World’s Greatest Marketing Expert was ask “WHY Should One Market?”, He simply replied “Why Not?” Because of the root definition of “Marketing”, We all “market” ourselves every day in every way.



HOW Does One Market?

Upon more that one occasion, the World’s Greatest Marketing Expert was ask “How Does One Market?” or “How does one get started in Marketing?” To which question, He responded by saying “One is born into Marketing” for you see that Marketing is



Do You Have Any Questions?

At this time the “World’s Greatest Marketing Expert” is working on the World’s Largest Internet Marketing Launch with The Affluence Network. The Affluence Network is in a Beta Launch Phase and is expected to be in a Full Launch about May 16th.


THE AFFLUENCE NETWORK (T.A.N.) is a Revolutionary New Approach to Internet Marketing. No longer will there markers ever have to pay monthly recurring service charges on necessary tools to make money online such as: autoresponders, graphic editors, video creators/editors, SEO suites, lead generation, etc. The Affluence network is the new one stop shop for all the needs of Internet marketers who want to make money online. This program has been in the making for over five years by many of the top Internet marketers of our generation.


The Affluence Network is for anyone who wants to begin or improve their Internet marketing potential. Newbies who have never made money online will find training available from over 50 of the top Internet marketing professionals who have made a combined total income of over $100,000,000. You will be able to freely choose from thousands of high end training videos and PDFs on hundreds of Internet marketing topics. Professional Internet marketers will not only learn from the best instructors available on each niche but will also have access to all the necessary software to become highly successful.
Entrepreneurs that wish to work from home will have two income sources available to them. We call this a Earn as you Learn program. The first way to Earn  is from a Hybrid Affiliate Program which will allow you to be compensated for referring others to this system. The Affluence Network is always free for anyone to join and look around in the membership area for all that is available to them when they become a paid member. Each person has 30 days to look at all that is available to paid members. This particular Hybrid Affiliate Program allows you to obtain reoccurring income on all those that you have referred to our system and have become paid members. This program also allows you to be paid for the work of others that have come in before you and  who have placed paid members in your downline.In The Affluence Network everyone is paid for being a part of our system.
The second way which you will learn income from our program is by using the tools available to you and become an online marketing professional whether by setting up a monetized website or by working with local businesses to help them find highly targeted customers.
In summation, The Affluence Network is for everyone. Whether new to Internet marketing or a seasoned professional you will find great, training, support, and success as part of the affluence network.


The Affluence Network is available as a Beta Launch Now, (You can always Join for Free and you can look around at all the Tools, Training, Software available to Paid members. We expect to be in a full launch by May 16th.. A very strong suggestion is that you become a part of The Affluence Network as soon as possible so that you will obtain as much income as possible through our Hybrid Affiliate Program. (See further detailed description of the Hybrid Affiliate Program at The Affluence Network.)


WHY join The Affluence Network?
TRAINING: Access to over 50 of the World’s Best Internet Marketers
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TOOLS: Complete Access to all necessary SOFTWARE to be Successful Online.
SUCCESS: Complete Training to enable you to make a Full-time Income.
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You can join The Affluence Network on January 16TH for the Alpha Launch by clicking this link: THE AFFLUENCE NETWORK. The Beta Launch is scheduled to take place on February 16th. The Full Launch of The Affluence Network is scheduled to take place on March 16th.
Click on the following link: THE AFFLUENCE NETWORK to be taken to The Affluence Network and be able to join and sign up on the above dates..


The Affluence Network is always Free to join and explore the membership area with all of its Videos, PDFs, Training, Software’s, etc. Feel free to explore all areas of the membership area For 30 Days Free However, before you can use these tools, you will be required to join The Affluence Network. We take all major credit cards and will bill you monthly. As a paying member, you have access to all of The Affluence Network’s Tools, Trainings, software (SAAS). There will be different levels of service allowing you access to more High-end Training, Tools, and Software (SAAS). Please see The Affluence Network website for more detailed information.

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