Why Should One Market?
Why Should One be Marketed To?

As a young man, I grew up on a small farm in rural area in Illinois (approximately 4 miles from the capital building in Vandalia, Illinois. No, not a misprint as in Springfield, Illinois (although I spent many a summer In Springfield working at the State Fair) but Yes, near Vandalia, Illinois which just happen to be the capital of Illinois from 1819 to 1839 before moving the capital of IIlinois to Springfield in 1839.

As that I grew older, I can now look back upon my early career in marketing as one of the best years of my life on that 39 acre farm land. One year I decided to buy a small bag of corn seed at the local feed  supply store (Michel’s Feed and Seed Store). The bag of corn seed held about 100 kernels of yellow corn seed and cost me ten cents. When I got back home and changed clothes, I prepared three rows in the garden approximately 100 feet long in some of the richest soil I have ever had the privilege of owning (of course the rabbit manure I had intermingled with the dirt helped too) Class, be sure to remind me later and I will tell you about my adventure in my “use every part of the rabbit campaign”

But Lest I deviate further, let me return back to my present story of the bag of corn seed. Knowing that I must be careful to precisely followed every one of my grandmother’s rules for a healthy garden (which I later discovered was better know as according to the Farmer’s Almanac. You know the procedure right – Where You have to get up on a certain day when the moon is full and the time of the season is right. So with vigor I planted the corn seed every 6 inches and 1 inch deep. Then I covered each seed with soil, went back and added water from the sweetest well water in the world (except when an occasional dead bloated frog would hopelessly find himself floating therein) and then I prayed, stood back and waited for my good Lord to supply the increase.  After about 10 days,  I rejoiced when I saw germination or what NASA would call “Launch” ( I call such a site “All Systems GO or Lunch on the way”. My corn had now begun its journey.

Then after about 70 days and what seemed like forever for a boiling pot, I was ready feast upon the fruits of my labors or as I called each one of them “the legendary Corn on the Cob”.
Another 5 days past and I now had literally enough corn sweet corn to feed my family, friends, and myself for what seemed for life. So aside from eating Corn on the cob for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I now started canning until I ran out of jars and lids. Next started freezing until I ran out of bags and freezer space. I gave away as much as I could to members at church but most of them had gardens too. Yet, I still had left overs by the bushel basket’s full. Then I ventured into my first marketing for money project.

I called on the services of a small, local radio station in Vandalia. program we had in our town and availed myself of their free advertising platform.  Just call in and State your “Marketing campaign” right on the air. “Hello Neil, This is Gene and I have some delicious corn on the cob just waiting for someone to come out to my farm and pick them up. 12 ears for One Dollar. I am located just a short drive east of Vandaila off Route 40 and available anytime. Come get them! From that 10 cent bag of corn to a free advertising campaign, I made over 26 dollars and that’s not counting all the corn I ate, had in the cabinet and freezer, and gave away.

That was one of my first marketing projects. Note in the above details as to “Why did I market”? I marketed because I had a product in abundance to what I needed for myself and created a market (selling arena) with what others (26) wanted and needed.

Just to expand on the subject, Why does one market? Because a Marketer has a product or a service that he wants/needs to sell that others want/need.

The “WHYs” of Marketing is to fulfill a need that the marketer has to “market”. In the above case study, I as the marketer had a need to help or sell my corn on the cob crop.

The second part of the “WHYs” of Marketing is to fulfill a need that the “market” / customer has – which is to fill their bellies and eat that sweet corn that I was able to grow.

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